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Birthdate:Feb 8
i'm a lot of things.

a girl (maybe too old to be called that, but i act it, and my inner fangirl will always be about 15)
a geek (cars, computers, science, maths, you name it)
a pseudo-writer (some poetry, an original novel and some fanfic under my belt)
an artist not really worthy of the title (i dabble in a lot of things, mostly wolves and fanart)

non-religious, non-spiritual (Wolf has nothing to do with spirituality, you seeWolf is gone. i don't want it back.)

majour depressive, bipolar, possibly agoraphobic (everywhere but NYC, see).

i fangirl everything, i'm an escapist, i squee rampantly and i tend to obsess. sometimes it's fun. sometimes it's funny.

i'm too serious. i'm too silly.

not many entries are locked, here. open book, aside from the more serious mental illness related posts.

if you want on the filter for really personal posts, just drop me a comment somewhere. anywhere.

i don't care what the world knows, or thinks. i am difficult to understand (or too easy if you look at it just the right way, but that's hard to do). after making what should have been a confession, or trusting revelation between friends, and being scoffed at a number of times, i stopped bothering with keeping certain things under wraps.

think me crazy; i don't mind. find this interesting? okay by me, even if i don't understand why.

everything under this is pure fandom.

my main fandoms/pairings are as follows:

Supernatural; Sam/Dean
Harry Potter: Remus/Sirius


House, MD: House/Wilson
NCIS: Gibbs/Abby, Gibbs/Tony
Stargate: SG1: Jack/Daniel
West Wing: Josh/Sam, CJ/Toby
LotR: Aragorn/Boromir, Boromir/Faramir

others include Grey's Anatomy, Crossing Jordan, Bones, Studio 60, QAF, Dexter, Deadwood, Numb3rs, Six Feet Under, Weeds, Dead Like Me.

layout nicked from janecraft
moodtheme by [info]caugraphics. IT MAKES ME SQUEE.
porn banner by [info]nyaubaby
dean/sam header by [info]evenindeath

Interests (149):

a silver mount zion, abandoned buildings, abandonment, abnormal psychology, absinthe, acid, addiction, altered states, androgyny, angels, anger, angst, anxiety, art, astronomy, autumn, bipolar, black, black and white photography, bleeding, blood, body art, borderline, cannibalism, car accidents, computers, counting crows, darkrooms, dean winchester, dean/sam, death, delerium, depression, deserts, destruction, devotion, digital photography, drawing, dreams, drugs, end of the world, england, extinction, eyes, fading, fall, fantasy, faramir, fight club, fingertips, fire, forensics, forests, gibbs, godspeed you black emperor!, graphics, grey, hallucination, hallucinogens, hands, harry potter, heaven, hell, hiding, hiking, honesty, horses, house md, howling at the moon, i feel sick, illumination, illusion, insomnia, invader zim, invisible, leaves, leaving, leroy jethro gibbs, letters, lightning, london, lord of the rings, love, magic, make-believe, marauders, mark harmon, mdma, melancholy, misanthropy, moon, moonlight, mountains, movies, murder, mushrooms, music, myth, mythology, nature, ncis, neil gaiman, night, nightmares, obsession, old souls, paranoia, photography, plague dogs, poetry, procrastination, psilocybin, psychology, psychosis, rain, remembering, revelation, rituals, rust, sam winchester, sam/dean, sanity, sarcasm, serial killers, shapeshifting, silmarillion, slash, spn, stars, storms, suicide, supernatural, tattoos, thunder, tolkien, trees, truth, water, web design, werewolves, west wing, wilhouse, wincest, wind, winter, wolverine, wolves, writing, zen
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